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back of a truck by regina spektor
from eleven eleven (2001)

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You’ve Got Time: Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor’s NEW SONG! Original theme song for the Netflix dramedy ‘Orange Is the New Black’  

YAYAYAYAY! You’ve Got Time by Regina Spektor
Click through to listen :)

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lyrics of the day (speaking of rape culture): Regina Spektor’s “Long Brown Hair”

She had long brown hair
All down her breast
Made me think about my future
Made me think about my past.
She was so pretty
pretty as  can be.
And I thought, “My God,
why shouldn’t it be me?”

Oh, god. Why shouldn’t it be me?

Her skin was tight.
Her manner was free.
She gave me that look
that seemed to say, “Hey, you look at me.”
Her smile was crooked and good
As she sucked her Capri

and I thought, “my god.
why shouldn’t it be me?”

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, God.
Why shouldn’t it be me?

Her body was free
And I bet filled with her love.

Don’t tell me what’s proper
Anyone can see
I wasn’t even her first
So don’t blame it on me
She was so pretty,
as pretty as can be.
And I thought, “My god,
Why shouldn’t it be me?
Oh come on this once, God.
Why shouldn’t it be me?”

Her body was free
Oh, and I bet filled with her love.

Now you all read the bible, right?
You know what the bible says?
I’ll tell you what it says.
Don’t put a stumbling block in front of someone who can’t see.
Don’t put a beautiful body in front of someone who’s hungry.

She was so pretty, 
As pretty as can be, 
And I thought, “My god,
Why shouldn’t it be me,”
Oh come on, come on, come on.

Her body was free
Oh and I bet filled with her love.


Song of the day: Genius Next Door, Regina Spektor.

the kids were waking up hung over
the neighbours were starting up their cars
the garbage men were emptying the dumpsters
atheists were praying, full of sarcasm
and the genius next door was sleeping
dreaming that the antidote was orgasm 

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Regina Spektor | Making Records

I am braiding records into my hair…

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Hi, I’m Icarus, I’m falling

Lacrimosa by Regina Spektor

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Love Profusion - Regina Spektor

Madonna Cover

Jewish Heritage Festival, 13/09/2005

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The Call Alternate Film Version - Regina Spektor

looove love love this version


Regina Spektor - The Sword and the Pen

What if the sword kills the pen?
What if the god kills the man?
But if he does it with love
then it’s death from above

and death from above is still a death

Loveology by Regina Spektor

Oh, an incurable humanist you are.
Oh, an incurable humanist you are.
Oh, an incurable humanist you are.
Oh, an incurable humanist you are.
Let’s go to the movies, I will hum you a song about nothing at all

(Source: reginaholic)

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shyghost: Baobabs by Regina Spektor

you have tamed me
now you must take me
how am i supposed to be?
i don’t have my thorns, now

spektorpedia: A Cooler Version by Regina Spektor

“I’m so sorry for tellin’ stories.

I’m so young and drunk, and young and drunk…
I didn’t know it’d be so boring,
I fall asleep when you’re inside…
So young and drunk, and young and drunk…
I fall asleep when you’re inside…”



I Want to Sing by Regina Spektor

"What have I done to deserve you?
Must have done something cause that’s how it works
Must have been kind to the kittens and birds
in a previous life”

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