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"I think that making art in general is sort of one of those things where it’s like, you have to fight against who you are because you want to expand, you don’t want to just be stuck doing the same thing, but then you also have to accept yourself at the same time." 

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"It’s mysterious to me. I’m more like a science fiction or fiction writer than a diarist or an essayist, but all those people are just as emotionally involved. I don’t believe that someone who writes diaries or memoirs is more emotionally involved in their work than someone who writes fiction. I wouldn’t believe that Kurt Vonnegut is not as personally involved as Anaïs Nin." 

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Regina Spektor, when asked whether her songs are self-confessional, and if not, to what extent they involve some kind of emotional processing.

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"…A very big stamp. All these stamps are on top of each other. And in the end, there’s this glob of colors that you can’t differentiate. And that’s like me. I feel really glad to be all these things. Each one is a cultural thread you can tug on." 

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Regina Spektor on the various parts of her identity

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"I think that in a lot of ways it’s very hard for me to know exactly where a song comes from. If the songs demanded a paternity test I wouldn’t know which event to go to because I feel like everything I experience, read, just walking through New York City for one day let alone living there – all of that goes into a giant cauldron and it’s all passing through. It’s very rare that it’s just a clear here’s the trigger and here’s the result. I think it’s just a composite and a lot of things inspire it." 

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"I really want to go home and just write more and be in one place because I feel like I don’t want it to pass, I want to process it and feel it.You can’t really process things while they’re happening, you have to have a quiet space or just a moment to reflect and really think about it so I’m excited about that." 

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"Me, I’m very unimpressed by purists. I’m like, “Would you be the person in the room that would boo when Dylan went electric? I know I wouldn’t." 

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"One of my big goals is to just not do things out of fear but [to] be really open, which is hard I think. It’s a full time job for people to stay really open. It’s like a second job." 

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"I care so much about making things that are useful for people to have and listen to, but I don’t care so much that I won’t do whatever the hell I want. It’s just one of those things. You make something, and you really have fun with it, and you try to put emotion in it, and at the end of the day, you have no idea how the tide is going to fall." 

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"There are lots of different places I like to go to explore. I’ve written a straight-up jazz standard type song, and I’ve written a country song, if produced in a colour-by-numbers sort of way. I’m not really interested in having a specific genre, though. I don’t believe people have to commit to anything artistically. It’s like you have a kid who’s great at sports but you want them to be artsy and read books all day, like you did. You don’t want to be going to their football games. But they’re naturally an athlete, they’re naturally a jock. They want to be in that culture. You can’t deny somebody, or a song, its natural properties. But then at the same time you can push back and not put on the exact colour-by-numbers string section." 

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Regina Spektor

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"I’ve loved rock and hip-hop and for a long time and I’ve always heard beats in my head. There’s a lot of bounce to those things that I just love, that just connects with my heart." 

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"This is the way I wanna die. Torn apart by angry fans who want me to play a different song." 

Regina Spektor

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"It’s a real gift to be able to have the works of brilliant, great people to learn from and build from. It gives you so much more to draw on, and then you don’t have to be all about three-chord pop songs. I don’t really like that kind of writing." 

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Regina Spektor

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"I care so much about making things that are useful for people to have and listen to, but I don’t care so much that I won’t do whatever the hell I want. It’s just one of those things." 

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Regina Spektor

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"I just think that universities to me are awesome. It’s such an amazing privilege that for a few years of your life that your job is just to be a student. And you’re a grown up, but your job is just to get smarter, you know? It’s very nice." 

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"I just love songs. I love them because they help my heart. They make me happy. I think all I want to do with my music is go somewhere together with people." 

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Regina Spektor

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