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Regina Spektor in 15 seconds.

She’s so cute ^-^

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there’s a time ooh, when it all ooh, went wrong.


Regina Spektor and Renate Hug Performance (2001) 

A very young Regina and some awesome dancing.  

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ne me quitte pas. 

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I have even MORE respect for Regina Spektor now… she was performing at the MOMA in NY at a benefit for childhood cancer, and no one was listening to her performance and you can just hear the crowd talking the whole time, and then she just stops in the middle of one of her songs and goes, “This reminds me of the bars I used to play in, where nobody cared and I couldn’t hear myself…” and she goes on about how no one is listening and then starts her song again. SO great. That was gutsy but so awesome. I love Regina. 

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‘Don’t Leave Me’, live on GMA.

Regina and Jack :)
Call Them Brothers and Hotel Song

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Regina Spektor’s Live Tastemakers Session

Direct link

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‘The Party’, live on GMA.

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i love her

Patron Saint, Regina Spektor

New episode of Cool Kids’ Table featuring Regina Spektor! (You guys, she’s an adorable actress!!!!!) Best thing to grace the internet in weeks. Regina playing a bitch, yes please.

"Not to sound like a serial killer, but I want her skin SO BAD."

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Very old footage of Regina performing “Love Affair”.

and a very old song that none of us knew existed before!!!!! Ahhh!


Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas) Official Video, premiered on Vh1’s Top 20 Countdown!



Regina Spektor - Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas) on Jimmy Fallon 05/06/12 (by ThePoetsLove)

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